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BackOctober 10, Uppsala, Sweden

Viedoc 4.37 update notes

Viedoc 4.37, alerts and trackers

Viedoc version 4.37 contains a lot of good new features so it’s recommended that you read the full release (download here). It is highly valuable to see the release highlights video. In summary, the major things to look at are the following. Email Trackers: In addition to trigger emails based on CRF entries, Viedoc can now also trigger follow-up emails based on CRF updates. One example of when this is useful is when having an email alert for an initial SAE report and follow-up emails for any subsequent update to that same SAE. This dramatically improves the control of the safety reporting in a study. Medical Coding: this improves the search options. EQ-5D: the questionnaire is now available. Future date block: this will help simplify the study build. Visit Calendar overview: this gives the possibility to hide the ViedoMe visits making it cleaner and easier to view.