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Senior Advisory Team

PCG Clinical Services offers a wealth of knowledge through our Senior Advisory Team. Our expert advisors contribute with their exceptional clinical development experience and understanding. Their advice and guidance can assist you in empowering the study design, study conduct, and will help with regulatory requirements for your clinical trial. The design, suggested by our Senior Advisory Team, will help you achieve your study objectives based on high quality data.

The key to success is smart design planning based on our advisors cumulated years of experience in real life situations. Our guidance will help maximize the use of all resources as we concentrate on the important and necessary issues, drilling down to the essentials and performing only the required and most impactful processes. We target focused objectives to maximize your study's potential and results in the most efficient way.

Senior Advisory Team Biographies:

Kerstin Wiklund, is our Vice President of Biostatistics, she has a Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, where she later was associate Professor. Kerstin also has a B.Sc. in Statistics, Mathematics and Numerical Analysis from the Uppsala University in Sweden. Kerstin was a visiting scientist for a year at Stanford University. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry Kerstin has conducted, reviewed and analyzed hundreds of studies. She has collaborated with a number of companies to report statistical data for the FDA, EMA, MHRA, and the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA). Kerstin is therefore a tremendous guide in biostatistics and study protocols.

Gunnar Danielsson, is our Senior Regulatory Advisor, has a B.Sc. in Natural Science and almost 40 years’ experience in Clinical Research. Gunnar has served as a well-renowned GCP Inspector for the Swedish MPA for over 10 years. Gunnar also has experience from the Pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality management, electronic systems, data management and clinical design and conduct. Gunnar is a priceless resource to help you design your study in the most effective way meeting regulatory requirements.

Anders Grahnén is Senior Scientific Advisor, he has a MSc (Pharm), PhD (Pharm), in Biopharmaceutics and is one of the most experienced people in design of clinical trials in Sweden. He is associate Professor of the Clinical Drug Development Sciences at Uppsala University and former adjunct Professor of Clinical Trial Methodology also at Uppsala University. He has published more than 75 papers in the areas of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Trials. Experience as Director of Clinical Pharmacology at the Swedish MPA, he adds profound knowledge in these areas. During his time as Chief Scientific Officer at Quintiles Nordic Operations, Anders oversaw more than 300 clinical trials. Anders is a fantastic resource to assist you in the early phases of the study design and can help ensure that your study is on the right track from the start.

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